Meet the Owner of Cool Safety Glasses Website!

My name is James Wooten. I’m an optician with 11+ of experience working with many companies and customers. My first job was as a safety manager at my uncle’s workplace. There I discovered the value of safety eyewear. Every day one or two of our employees were injured at the workplace and the majority of those injuries were eye-related.

These injuries were costing us thousands of dollars due to the worker’s days off, compensation, and medical treatment. My job was to find a solution to this problem. I searched online about how to protect your eyes against eye-related hazards in the workplace, then for the first time, I found out about safety glasses.

After this discovery, I was impressed by these eyewear and how they work. This event was one of the reasons why I chose to be an optician as profession and after 15 years of work in the optic industry, I started the website Cool Safety Glasses to share my knowledge and experience about eye safety.

My Products Review Process

I know that finding trustworthy advice online can be very difficult. The internet is full of misinformation or personal opinion masquerading as fact. My product review process is a bit different than any other:

Step 1:

I start by putting all the products on the table. I read all the descriptions of the feature and the promises by the brand.

Step 2:

I check online for all the customer reviews about those products to see what other people think about the product.

Step 3:

I also check other people’s reviews about the product to see if there is any misinformation or any valuable information that I should include.

Step 4:

Now is the time to review the product. This step is the most time-consuming one.

  1. First, I start by checking the quality of the product so I can form my own opinion.
  2. Second, I list all the pros and cons of the product so I can help the reader to know if the product is the right for him.
  3. Third, this is the last step. where I give my summary about the product and what I like or I don’t like, and when I will use it or not, and how I recommend the product.