Can You Get Safety Glasses With Prescription Lenses?

Clear vision and eye protection are essential for people who work in a hazardous environment and the ones who do a job that requires precision. Prescription Safety glasses will be your only friend for both protection and eyesight correction. Prescription Safety Glasses are available and you can order them online from those [#] best Prescription Safety Glasses manufacturers.

Yes, you can get safety glasses with prescription lenses in many online stores with one of those four lens types Single Vision, Bifocals, Trifocals, and Progressives.

If you don’t wear prescription glasses and your vision is not low then you only need regular (Plano) safety glasses for protection only. And remember According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), “Around 2,000 U.S. workers receive medical treatment each day due to eye injuries sustained on the job. Only by wearing proper ANSI Z87 safety glasses, you can prevent 90 percent of these injuries.

Types of Prescription Lenses Used in Safety Glasses

Safety glasses with prescription lenses can come in four lens types to ensure the safety of everyone in the workplace.

prescription safety glasses lenses types:

  • Single vision
  • Bifocals
  • Trifocals 
  • Progressives

Do You Really Need Safety Glasses With Prescription Lenses?

People with low vision who are working in hazardous workplaces or practicing activities that can be harmful to their eyes like Welding, Painter, and Woodworking, those people should wear prescription safety glasses for both protection and eyesight correction.

How Prescription Safety Glasses Are Made?

Prescription Safety glasses are made by using an injection molding process that injects a polymer material such as polycarbonate into a metal mold to a temperature of 250°C, where it is liquid and injected into the mold under pressure for 30-60 seconds to reproduce the desired shape of the lenses and frames.

Where to Wear Prescription Safety Glasses?

Prescription safety glasses should be worn for jobs that require precision and where the risk of eye injuries is high. 

Are Safety Glasses With Prescription Lenses Safe?

The first thing we need to know is that any glasses that don’t meet certain safety standards like ANSI Z87 in the USA or other standards in other countries are not safety glasses. Every pair of prescription safety glasses that are bought from trustworthy manufacturers are ANSI Z87 approved and can be used as safety glasses.

Where to Buy Prescription Safety Glasses Online

When buying prescription safety glasses you really need to make sure the manufacturer website you are buying from has a good reputation and will deliver what it promises. Here is a list of the leading and most trustworthy companies manufacturing prescription safety glasses:

  • Safety Gear Pro
  • RX Safety
  • Safety Glasses USA

Safety Glasses With Prescription Lenses Vs. Safety Glasses Without Prescription Lenses

The only difference between safety glasses and the ones with Prescription Lenses is that the first came with Plano lenses which do not correct the eyesight, their only job is to protect your eyes from impact and other hazards.

Safety glasses with Prescription lenses commonly known as Prescription Safety glasses are made for both protection and eyesight correction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Safety Glasses

Who Sells Prescription Safety Glasses?

Many online stores sell prescription safety glasses but not all of them provide high-quality products. Those three online stores are the best in the market Safety Gear Pro, RX Safety, And Safety Glasses USA.

Can I Get Single Vision, Bifocal or Polarized Prescription Safety Glasses?

Yes, you can get prescription safety glasses with vision, bifocal or polarized lense you only need to make sure where you buy them.

Can I Order Prescription Safety Glasses Online?

A lot of online stores sell custom prescription safety glasses that will fit your face and your prescription.

How Much Do Prescription Safety Glasses Cost?

The price depends on the quality of the material used to build the glasses with polycarbonate lenses including a nice frame. The price starts from $50 up to $300 for the highest quality material.

How to Identify Prescription Safety Glasses?

Prescription safety glasses are marked on the lenses and the frame with the “Z87-2” mark for impact resistance and a “Z87-2+” for high-impact resistance.

Are Our Prescription Safety Glasses Ansi Z87 Approved?

Prescription safety glasses are Z87 Approved, the majority of the cam with polycarbonate lenses which mean high-impact resistance. Prescription safety glasses are marked with “Z87-2” in both lenses and frames.

What Are Rx Safety Glasses?

Rx safety glasses are Safety glasses that use prescription lenses to the crystal clear vision of prescription glasses and the impact resistance and the eye protection of safety glasses.


If you are someone who has low vision and works in a hazardous area like a workshop or a garage, prescription safety glasses are one of the most important tools you need in your toolbox. They will provide you with crystal clear vision plus impact resistance against all the eye-related hazards during your job.

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