Can You Wear Safety Glasses Over Prescription Glasses?

Can You Wear Safety Glasses Over Prescription Glasses?

In the workplace workers can be exposed to a wide range of eye-related hazards that can injure their eyes or in some cases can lead to permanent blindness. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries that can be prevented only by the use of ANSI Z87 approved safety glasses.

People who wear prescription glasses and they are wondering if they can wear safety glasses over them.

Yes, you can wear safety glasses over your regular prescription glasses, but you need to make sure that those safety glasses are Over-Prescription Safety Glasses and not any other type.

In this article, I will show you all about over-prescription safety glasses, how they work, when you need one, and how to choose the right one for you.

What Is Over-Prescription Safety Glasses

Over-prescription safety glasses are a type of eyewear protection that can be worn on top of your regular glasses. They are made for people who do not have safety glasses with prescription lenses well known as Prescription safety glasses.

They are comfortable to wear on top of your regular prescription glasses and because they are roomy and they offer ANSI protection against high-impact and all eye-related hazards in the workplace or any other environment.

Benefits of Over-Prescription Safety Glasses

  • Low-cost
  • Easy to replace
  • Can Come with many features like anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-reflection, and polarized lenses.
  • Multiple tint colors
  • Comfortable, you can wear them for a long time
  • Impact-resistance (ANSI Z87 Approved)
  • They provide protection against Dust and Liquid Splash

Who Should Get a pair of Over-Prescription Safety Glasses?

The first thing you need to know is that Over-prescription Safety Glasses are like any other safety glasses they will offer protection to your eyes. They can be worn over regular glasses and they also can be worn without them.

If you wear prescription glasses and you are not sure about buying safety glasses with prescription lenses because you found out that they will cost you a lot more than Over-prescription Safety Glasses or your prescription is so strong and it cannot be made on the polycarbonate lenses. Then yes, Over-prescription Safety Glasses are the right ones for you.

How Over-prescription Safety Glasses Should Fit you?


Safety glasses should be comfortable, they shouldn’t be so tits. If there are any pressure points on the side of the head or behind the ears. Your nose piece should be comfortable and contact your nose without pinching or falling. If so then the glasses are too big for your face.


Try to see in front of you. The safety glasses shouldn’t break your overall vision. You should have a wide vision, wider than regular glasses. The frame should fit close to the face without hitting your eyelashes or your prescription glasses. 

The space between your frames and your face should be less than one inch and the lenses should be roomy to give space to the regular glasses under them.


The lens should cover all your eyebrows. So your vision will not be blocked. Try to move your eyes without turning your head and see if everything is clear and your vision is not disturbed by the glass or the frame.


Try to move your head in any direction you want if the safety glasses stay in place without moving, they are the best fit for you if not try another one.

The Bets 3 Over-prescription Safety Glasses in 2022

1. Uvex S3853 Avatar OTG

Uvex S3853 Avatar OTG Over-prescription Safety Glasses

Uvex S3853 Avatar OTG Over Prescription safety glasses, comfort, fit, and style play a vital role in providing optimal protection and supporting compliance. They have a stylish ultra-light design and incorporate a unique Weight Distribution Technology, making it one of the most comfortable and stylish safety OTG eyewear on the market.


  • Three-quarter frame; contemporary stylish fit for high performance
  • Built with MMTPlus providing a high level of adjustability
  • Unique Weight Distribution Technology
  • 9-base wrap-around lens provides uncompromised peripheral vision and protection
  • Ratchet lens: angle-adjustable temple length and lens inclination of 15 degrees
  • Soft; wire-core temples to customize to any facial profile
  • Flexible and 3-point adjustable nose pads to fit any nasal profile and reduce slippage
  • Soft brow frame with indirect venting


  • ANSI Z87.1-2015
  • CSA Z94.3

2. Uvex Astrospec OTG

Uvex Astrospec OTG Over-prescription Safety Glasses

The Uvex Astrospec OTG 3001 Over-Prescription Safety glasses offer great features Like the fully extendable, adjustable frame that accepts the availability to be worn with or without your prescription glasses. 

He is fully tested and certified for military ballistic impact protection. The perfect accessory for the beginning marksman or avid shooter. 


  • Dielectric frame
  • Spatula temples which slip on smoothly while allowing for individualized fit and comfort
  • Lightweight unilens offers panoramic vision
  • Easy and economical lens replacement system
  • Adjustable lens inclination and temple length


  • ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified
  • CSA Z94.3 certified
  • MIL-PRF-31013 approved

3. Elvex OVR-Spec 

Elvex OVR-Spec Over-prescription Safety Glasses

The Elvex OVR-Spec Over-Prescription Safety glasses make it extra roomy and fit over most prescription eyewear frames, the length and angle of the temple arms can be adjusted for the perfect fit and the Ballistic rating gives you 4 times the protection of regular ANSI Z87 safety glasses.

 These super safety glasses can be worn with or without prescription glasses. A great option for those who find wrap-around safety glasses uncomfortable or too small.


  • The frame free lens has a brow guard and molded side shields
  • Less curve helps minimize reflections that tend to occur when dual spectacles are worn
  • Five-position telescoping, extendable temples
  • Ratcheting temples
  • Fits over prescription eyewear up to 146mm wide


  • ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified
  • CSA Z94.3 certified
  • MIL-PRF-31013 approved

Where to Buy Over-prescription Safety Glasses

Over-prescription Safety Glasses are available for sale online on those trustworthy websites:

Who Over-prescription Safety Glasses are Made?

Over-prescription Safety glasses are made by using an injection molding process that injects a polymer material such as polycarbonate into a metal mold to a temperature of 250°C, where it is liquid and injected into the mold under pressure for 30-60 seconds to reproduce the desired shape of the lenses and frames.

Frequently Asked Questions About Over-prescription Safety Glasses

Are Over-Prescription Safety Glasses Worth It?

If you wear prescription glasses and you need safety glasses for any activities or during your work in the workplace then yes Over-prescription Safety Glasses are Worth It.

Can You Put Prescription Lenses in Safety Glasses?

Yes, you can get RX safety glasses with prescription lenses or you can get an Rx to insert safety glasses.

How Much Over-Prescription Cost?

The price depends on the quality of the material used to build the glasses with polycarbonate lenses including a nice frame. The price of Over-prescription safety glasses starts from $2 up to $20 for the highest quality material.


Over-prescription safety glasses are made to be worn over regular prescription glasses, they are comfortable, easy to maintain, and provide ANSI Z87 protection against all sorts of eye-related hazards that can occur in the workplace.

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