When to Replace Your Safety Glasses?

When to Replace Your Safety Glasses?

We all know that Nothing lasts forever, and it’s not worth risking your eye’s safety by using old damaged Safety glasses that should be replaced.

Safety glasses are one of the most common pieces of The lifespan of personal protective equipment (PPE) worn in the workplace to protect your eyes. Do you know that According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), each year, Between 20,000 and 30,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace? 

All those eye injuries can be prevented only by the wearing of proper safety glasses that are not old or damaged of course.

If you use your safety glasses every day in your workplace for more than 2 years or they are heavily scratched or damaged then they should be replaced immediately to prevent an eye injury or vision distortion.

So, let us see when you should replace your safety glasses.

This Is When You Should Replace Your Safety Glasses

  • Changes in the workplace or starting a new Activity
  • Too Many Scratches on the Lenses
  • You Change Your Prescription
  • Tough Environment
  • Expiration Date
  • Broken Component
  • To Many Cleaning
  • You Catch Yourself Squinting
  • Wear and Tear

Changes in the Workplace or Starting a New Activity

Changes in the Workplace or Starting a New Activity

If you are starting a new activity that requires safety glasses for eye protection or you change the environment in which you operate then you need to consider if you will change your safety glasses or you will remain with the same one.

Check my article about the 7 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Safety Glasses for You. This article will help you to replace your safety glasses with better ones.

Too Many Scratches on the Lenses

Too Many Scratches on the Lenses

Safety glasses are built with polycarbonate lenses because of their impact resistance, the bad news is that polycarbonate is not scratch resistant. The manufacturer uses an anti-scratch coating on polycarbonate lenses to be scratch-resistant, but this doesn’t mean they will be 100% scratch-resistant. 

For small scratches, it is okay to keep your recurrent safety glasses but If your lenses are heavily scratched it is time to replace those lenses, or they will cause you headaches and distort your vision. 

You Change Your Prescription

You Change Your Prescription

For people who use prescription safety glasses if your prescription has changed you should replace your safety glasses lenses with new ones. I recommend you get help from sports Rx. They are the best when it comes to prescription safety glasses. 

If you wear your regular prescription glasses under the over-prescription safety glasses then you are good, you don’t need to replace anything.

Tough Environment

Workers who work in environments with harsher conditions or extreme temperatures will likely need to be replaced before the 2-years expiration date. Extreme temperatures will wear away the lens coating and the lens faster which will result in less clear vision. So, make sure to check if your safety glasses are still in a good condition before you wear them in the workplace.  

Expiration Date

Like any other thing in life, safety glasses also have an expiration date, safety glasses cannot last for more than 5 years, because all the features like the coating and the material will be wearing away and they will no longer offer good visibility as they used to.

If you use your safety glasses regularly in the workplace then you should replace them each 3 years and if you work in an extreme temperature environment then you should replace them each 2 years. 

Broken Component

Safety glasses with broken components cannot protect your eyes from workplace hazards. If you found that your safety glasses have any broken components like a side shield, frame of the lens you should replace them immediately.

To Many Cleaning

To keep your safety glasses clear and in a good condition you should routinely clean them and store them in a safe place away from the workplace will be better. Cleaning your safety glasses every time also has its downsides.

With age safety glasses become hard to clean and the lens coating starts to wear away after each cleaning session, which will make the visibility less clear than before. 

I recommend you clean your safety glasses using microfiber lens cloths or Dish soap and warm water so you can avoid any scratches on the lenses. With these methods, your safety glasses will last longer.

You Catch Yourself Squinting

If you notice that you are habitually squinting while wearing your safety glasses, this means two things. Once you have a problem with your eyesight or two, your safety glasses start to fog up due to heavy use and age. This means that you should replace your safety glasses as soon as possible.

Wear and Tear

As time goes by, your safety glasses will start losing their vision capability. The scratch and the crack on the lenses will impede your vision, the UV rays will find their way to your eyes which will make your eyes tear and you will feel headaches if you wear them for a long time. 

At this stage, you should replace your safety glasses immediately.


There is no need to replace your safety glasses if they are brand and before a period of 2 to 5 years, but if they have been heavily scratched and the lenses are broken then yes you should replace them immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should a Pair of Safety Glasses Last?

Safety glasses if taken care of can last up to 5 years. But if you use them daily they will last up to 3 years max.

Can You Wear Safety Glasses All Day?

Yes, if you invest in high-quality safety glasses like Smith Elite or any other high-quality safety glasses then yes they will be comfortable and healthy to be worn all day.

Are Safety Glasses Shatterproof?

Yes, all safety glasses that are built with polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof.

What Would Happen if You Don’t Wear Safety Glasses?

If you are not wearing safety glasses during your work at the workplace or any other place where the risk of eye injuries is high, your eyes will be injured.

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