This Is Why Everyone Should Have at Least One Pair of Safety Glasses

This Is Why Everyone Should Have at Least One Pair of Safety Glasses

Why you will risk your precious eyesight when wearing a pair of safety glasses will protect them from any harm and give you better vision and comfort while you’re focusing on your tasks.

Do you know that each year more than 700,000 Americans injure their eyes at work, and another 125,000 injure their eyes at home? Yes, even outside of your workplace you can still get an eye injury. 

Children are also exposed to eye injuries, around 40,000 American children suffer eye injuries during various activities. While a lot of other eye injuries go unreported.

Are you sure you want to take this risk? I will not. 

Safety glasses are cheap, conformal, easy to maintain, and durable. They last up to 5 years if taken care of. They will protect your eyes from all sorts of eye-related hazards that occur on a daily basis. This is why you should have safety glasses.

Eye Injuries Can Be Prevented

Eye injuries can cost the operators hundreds or even thousands of dollars due to the worker’s days off, compensation, and medical treatment. We previously mentioned some data about eye injuries that are choking right! 

But don’t worry, the good news is that you can avoid 90 percent of those eye injuries only by wearing proper ANSI Z87 Approved safety glasses. Which will protect your eyes from all sorts of hazards that can occur in your workplace.

Eye-related Hazards

While living our lives, going to work, practicing sport, doing the housework or any other activity. Our eyes are sometimes at a big risk that we often ignore or do not care much about. 

workplace, workshop, sports field, even your house is a place where our eyes can be injured, half of all eye injuries we spoke about happen right at home. Don’t worry your eyes will not be injured when you’re sitting on the couch watching Tv but if you are cleaning the house doing any sort of home improvement or Lawnmowers or any other Yard Work your eyes can be injured.

Types of eye-related hazards:

  • Impact
  • Heat
  • Chemicals
  • Dust
  • Optical radiation

ANSI Z87 Approved safety glasses will protect your eyes from all those hazards.

Safety Glasses Are Not Expensive

Regular or Plano Safety glasses that are often used by construction workers and all Blue-collar jobs are not expensive at all; they start from $1 to $5 each. If you want quality and better-looking safety glasses with a flexible and lightweight frame the price starts from $5 to $20 each.

The price can go up a little bit for safety glasses that come with other features like anti-fogging, polarized, Photochromic, or laser protection lenses and lighter, stronger frame material. Other types of safety glass like military, prescription, and color blind safety glasses can be a little bit more expensive.

The majority of safety glasses lenses are built with polycarbonate because of its high impact resistance, lightweight, cheap price, and availability, so when the lenses are scratched or broken you can replace them for cheap.

They came With Prescription Lenses

If you wear prescription glasses and you are wondering if safety glasses can be also used as prescription glasses, the answer is yes. Safety glasses can come with prescription lenses that will protect your eyes from injuries and correct your eyesight at the same time. These kinds of safety glasses are called prescription safety glasses.

Prescription safety glasses can also come with single vision, polarized, bifocal, and progressive lenses.

If you are not sure about buying prescription glasses because of their price or any other reason. I suggest you take a pair of Over-Prescription Safety Glasses. They are cheap, durable, and comfortable to wear too.

Durable, Comfortable, and Easy to Maintain

Safety glasses have an average age of 5 years before replacement. People who use their safety glasses on a daily basis while performing their job in the workplace. Those safety glasses will last up to 3 years if they take care of them.

It’s not hard to Maintain your safety glasses, just put them inside a protective case or pouch after cleaning them using microfiber lens cloths or Dish soap and warm water so you can avoid any scratches on the lenses.

Your new safety glasses should fit you properly in order to be comfortable and protective. Safety glasses are not “one size fits all” if they are big or small they will not protect your eyes properly and you will not find them conformal to wear for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Glasses

Can You Wear Safety Glasses All Day?

Yes, safety glasses that fit you properly will be comfortable and easy to wear all day without causing eye strain or headaches.

How Effective Are Safety Glasses?

ANSI Approved safety glasses are so effective when it comes to eye protection. They can resist a 0.25-inch steel ball shot at 160 Km/h and a 500 grams spike that is dropped from a height of about 50 inches without any problem. ANSI Approved Safety glasses also protect you from all kinds of dust and Liquid Splash.

Can I Order Prescription Safety Glasses Online?

A lot of online stores sell custom prescription safety glasses that will fit your face and your prescription.

How Much Do Prescription Safety Glasses Cost?

The price depends on the quality of the material used to build the glasses with polycarbonate lenses including a nice frame. The price starts from $50 up to $300 for the highest quality material.

What Material Should Safety Glasses Be Made of?

The majority of manufacturers use polycarbonate for lenses because of its impact-resistance ability and its lightweight nature. For the safety glasses frame, every manufacturer uses its material for example Zylonite, Propionate, and synthetic polymer.

How Are Polycarbonate Safety Glasses Made?

The polycarbonate used in the safety glasses lens is fed into an injection molding machine that heats the material to a temperature of 250°C, where it is liquid and injected into the mold under pressure for 30-60 seconds. After this process, the polycarbonate lenses can be used in safety glasses.


It’s not a good idea to perform any activity that requires safety eyewear without wearing a proper one. Considering investing in the right safety glasses can save your eyes from injuries or permanent blindness.

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