Will Safety Glasses Hurt My Eyes?

Will Safety Glasses Hurt My Eyes?

Safety glasses are the most important piece of gear for eye protection against all sorts of eye-related hazards. Some people avoid wearing them because they complain about the headaches that they cause.

No, high-quality safety glasses that fit the wearer’s face and are in good condition, without any scratches or cracks in the lenses will never hurt your eyes.

Let us see when safety glasses can be a source of eye discomfort, eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches.

When Safety Glasses Can Hurt Your Eyes?

When Safety Glasses Can Hurt Your Eyes?

The Wrong Fit

Safety glasses are not a size that fits all. Every person has a different face shape. We do not have the same measurement. If your safety glasses are incorrectly fitted to you well then they will be a source of headache and pain in the eye. The wrong fit of any safety eyewear will also remove its ability to be protective.

Prescription Lenses

People who wear safety glasses with prescription lenses are also vulnerable to eye fatigue, poor vision, and headaches. If you are a wearer of prescription safety glasses make sure your prescription is always up-to-date and that corrective eyewear does not cause problems.

Lens Tint and Coating

Lens tint and coating will improve your visual experience with your safety glasses. For example, the polarized coating will reduce the glare and help you focus on your task. Scratch-resistance will protect the lenses from scratching which will make them durable. You also need to choose the right lens tint to help you reduce the light intensity which will help you avoid eye strain. 

Damaged Lenses

Broken or heavily scratched lenses are a source of eye strain, eye fatigue, or headaches because the eyes will make an effort to focus. If you have safety glasses that are old or damaged you should replace them immediately because they will hurt your eyes plus they cannot be used for protection anymore.

Low-Quality Safety Glasses

Low-cost safety glasses use a low-quality polycarbonate and sometimes a cheap plastic that will not protect your eyes properly and will be hurting your eyes and causing headaches. If you put on a pair of safety glasses and the lenses seem cloudy or there seem to be tiny distortions in the lenses, beware they are low quality don’t buy them.

Improper Care, Cleaning, or Storage 

Keeping your safety glasses clean and scratch-free will not only keep them clean and offer good vision, but it helps them last longer. Scratched and dirty lenses strain eyes. Bent or broken frames cause poor fit and uncomfortable pressure. So you should make sure that you always clean your safety glasses and store them in a safe place.

Workplace Environment

Workplaces with extreme temperatures may cause dry eyes, allergies, or other health problems. You can speak to the safety manager and to your doctor about your workplace to see if the pain is caused by the environment or your safety glasses.

Other Signs of Eye Fatigue Caused by Low-quality Safety Glasses

Here are some signs of eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches caused by your safety glasses:

  • Dry, or watery eyes
  • Soreness of eyes
  • Trouble focusing
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Headache “behind the eyes”

If you have any of those signs then you should replace your safety glasses with new ones.


Safety glasses are built to protect your eyes from all hazards that can occur during your work in the workplace, they are built to give you better vision not to be a cause of eye fatigue or headaches.

 To avoid any sort of eye pain, please make sure to choose high-quality safety glasses that fit your face, Clean them and store them in a safe place consistently, and make sure if you use prescription lenses to update them regularly if you use them. 

With those steps, I mention that you will never feel any pain wearing your safety glasses.

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